i have been asking for help for almost a week and there is no reply what so ever. from anyone ...
please help i am so so so stuck and i have been stuck for days..
i am creating web services in netbeans (ws-jax) i want to return array value from the server to the client how could this be done???

if my question is unclear please ask me for more information
if you know a link or a tutorial about it please let me know
if you want to see the code please ask for it


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I don't have experience with your particular problem area, but I just want to assure you that there are quite a number of people around here who would help if they could.
Also, you've chosen a bad week to get help - many people have not been at their desks. Don't give up.


thanks for your reply. im just awfully stuck and it is frustrating posting same post every second day and get no reply what so ever.

Thank you for any help


thanks for this link it was quite useful but still i am unclear of how this is done because it does not really show how the client call the array value and then use it.
this link only shows how to create a method(operation) that returns array value.

thank you

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