i am developing winform application.there are three textbox named patient last name ,first name,DOB and on lost focus event of DOB I had a requirement to show pop up like menu .That pop up will show patient last name ,first name,DOB from patient table matching records from database based on values entered in firstname,last name,DOB textbox.
I need to show that pop up 4 times based on following search criteria.
1> first pop up will be based on last name,first name and DOB values matched record.On escape it will show second then third and finally fourth
2> second pop up will display records based on last name matched
3> third pop up will display records based on first name match
4> fourth pop up will display records based on DOB matched.

Please provide me solution asap.I am searching from last one week.

Any alternative idea how to implement it????

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but how to use searching in combobox..
Could you elaborate exactly whats in your mind..I already tried with combobox..


Have you tried using 2 comboBoxes?

One can be for the search(i'll call it 'Search') criteria so load it with these options: 'All', 'First Name', 'Second name', 'DBO'.

On the DBO_LostFocus event you can check the 'Search' combobox'es selected index, perform the relevant search and load the 'DBO' comcobox with the results of the search.

It should work.

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