public class Account extends javax.swing.JFrame {

/** Creates new form Account */
public Account() {
setTitle("Bank Account");

* @param args the command line arguments

private int accountNumber =0;
private double balance =0;

public Account(int accNum, double bal)
accountNumber = accNum;
balance = bal;

public void deposit(double amount)

private void buttonCreateActionPerformed(java.awt.event.ActionEvent evt) {

Account newAcc = new Account(1234, 20000.0);
jTextArea1.setText("Account Created \nAccount Number ="+newAcc.ID+", Account Balance= "+newAcc.balance);

private void buttonDepositActionPerformed(java.awt.event.ActionEvent evt) {
/*i am trying to do : newAcc.deposit(5000.0);
jTextArea1.setText("new balance : "+balance);*/

/*but newAcc can't call the method deposit
i want it so that each time buttonDeposit is clicked, 5000 is added to the initial balance, which is 20000;


please help, i'm a newbie to java

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Account newAcc is defined inside buttonCreateActionPerformed so it can't be accessed from outside that method.
You haven't explained the overall logic of your app, so I can't suggest the best way to fix this. But deposit is an instance method of Account, so you should just be able to call deposit(5000.0); in buttonDepositActionPerformed (which is an instance method, so the instance of Account is already part of its context and doesn't need to specified again).

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