I want to extract .cab files using C++ when extraction finishes i want the extract .exe to run how can i do this?

I dont get this i tried it i dont know how to change the file i dont 2 extract i colulnt find the code can u explain!

Everything you need to know is in that article. Download and run the example c++ or .net program to see what it does.

Okay i figured out how to extract the file i wanted to the place i wanted but after the extraction i want extracted .exe to run and i try to put this code


and i also include iostream but still dont work there is somepalces it works but after extracted each file it tries to run program when .exe is extracted then it runs is if u shut the .exe it runs again so where should i put the code?

I done it yesssssssssssssssss now i need to solve the console app cause when the other program starts console app still there

Good work :) :) Your persistence has paid off :)

lol thanks it took long it just that i dont know how to end the console app cause when the other program starts up the console app stays when i close the other app console app closes.. What is the code to shut the console up?

Do not use system() to start the app that was extracted from the cab file. Under MS-Windows you will have to learn how to call the much more complicated win32 api function CreateProcess()

can you just tell me what to write to creat process i cant be bothered reading now im tired :S

Go to bed, get some sleep, then work on it tomarrow when you have a fresh mind. Afterall, if you can't be bothered to study that link that I can't be bothered to tell you how to do it.

I realise something this cab extractor doesnt extract the sub folders??? how to extract sub folders???

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