Can Any One help with some simple Text Box VALIDATION Please Urgent


Why is it so urgent?
Is your house on fire?
Don't post a message here in red. IT HAS THE SAME EFFECT AS SHOUTING!!!

Look in the code snippet section and you will certainly find what you where looking for. If not, come back here.

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You can test is in this way:
put on the from:
- textBox
- button
- label

Now create a method for a button_Click event and put use this code on it:

private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            string sValue = textBox1.Text;
            int intValue = 0;
            decimal decValue = 0M;
            bool bValidating = int.TryParse(sValue, out intValue);
            if (!bValidating)
                bValidating = decimal.TryParse(sValue, out decValue);
                if (!bValidating)
                    label1.Text = sValue + " is a string";
                    label1.Text = sValue + " is a decimal";
                label1.Text = sValue + " is a integer";

Hope it helps,

Sure you can, but the Validating even it self will do nothing. You have to put the code inside of it, ok ?


hmmmmmm Ok i will try
But Can you help me with different Examples not only this since i am new to C#

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