Been doing a lot of reading picked up beginning c++ through game programming and c++ the complete reference 4th edition

I haven't gotten very far into each of these, but I have managed to make a gui in c++.
what I am wondering is how to retrieve data entered into the gui and use that as a numeric value for say a delay

in comparison

$Input6 = GUICtrlCreateInput("000",0,125,50,21) // creats the gui in auotit
       sleep(GUICTRLRead($Input6)   // reads said control in auitoit

obviously not c++
a point in the right direction would be appreciated or an example script.
and pixelsearch as well

$coord = PixelSearch( 859, 393, 866, 405, 13863956, 10 )//autoit example

just functions I am really eager to get under my belt

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In Visual C++ 6 you just assign the values from certain controls to variables in your program. Not sure how that works with a non-Microsoft environment, but I would guess it's essentially the same.