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Problem Statement: Calculate salary

You are required to write a program which will calculate the salary of an employee according to his/her grade assigned by the employer. You must declare a class named CalSalary whose private data members will be employee ID, employee name and employee grade. Also write a constructor, setter and getter functions for all private data members and a function that will calculate the salary.

Detailed Description:
·1 Employee ID and grade should be of type integer. Employee name should be of type string.
·2 Constructor should initialize employee ID and grade with value zero and employee name with value NULL.
·3 For assigning or extracting values from private data members, you
must use getter and setter functions.
·4 Declare a public member function named calculate which will calculate the net salary of the employee according to his/her grade.
·5 Formula for calculating actual salary is (Basic Salary) + 45% of basic salary.
·6 If the grade of employee is 17, then the basic salary is 15,000.
·7 If the grade is 18, then the basic salary is 20,000 and if grade is 19 then the basic salary is 25,000.

Sample Output 1

Please enter employee ID : 001
Please enter employee name : Mohammad Ali
Please enter employee grade : 17

The net salary of Mohammad Ali is Rs.21750

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