please, i am new to java and have this project on generating a university timetable using genetic algorithm. this software is to be a GUI based software... please can any one give me ideas about how i can go about it... thanks

And which code have you produced yet ?

Please do some coding first. If you get stuck then you can post your questions here.

please can you be more specified and give some idea about how you are thinking to build GA since we have more than one type of GA, more than one type of GA basic operation and more, any way when you be specified let us know.

the guidelines you can use is
Introduction to Genetic Algorithms

First, forget about GUI and work on the mechanism of the core. Once you can get a correct output, incorporate GUI using the return output from the core in the way you like... Is that what you are looking for how you can go? ;)

Please note this was posted nine months ago.

Oops. >_< Thanks for the reminding. :)

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