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Hi Guys,

Im currently working on a school project but im stuck, if worked on this problem for over 4 days now and i cant fix it.

Using Direct3D 9, Visual studio 2010,

im trying to make create a heightmap. Im using a bmp file.

Problem: the heightmap doesn't show up on my screen.

The Process:
-Read bmp file to char*
-Create mesh from char*
-Save mesh in LPD3DXMESH of class Heightmap
-Render all objects: heightmap, skybox, entitys

So i started the debugging by checking if my renderer even renders my heightmap.
The render function renders objects. the heightmap object is a so called child of object.

So my code to check this:

if( typeid(*pObject) == typeid(*heightmap) ){
        _pLogger->log(LOGLEVEL_NOTICE, (char*) "Heightmap rendered");

And it logs the message every frame.
So that is not the problem, so i tried to read the mesh, but i dont know how.

Offcourse before all this i let my friends at school look at this problem but they dont know the problem either. and i did place some breakpoints in the code witch makes the mesh, but the data inputted there is correct. I also tried writing the mesh to a .x file but all it wrote was: "xof 0303bin 0032"

Some things you should know:
-bmp file is 4x4 pixels
-indexes are: 041 154 152 265 etc
-FillMode = wireframe
-cullmode = tried CCW and CW and NONE

and the pixels are read/drawn like this:
12 13 14 15
8 9 10 11
4 5 6 7
0 1 2 3

i think the problem is writing the vertices and indexes to memory, here is my code:

D3DXCreateMeshFVF(totalTriangles, totalVertices, D3DXMESH_MANAGED, D3DFVF_XYZ, _d3dDevice, &_pMesh);

    void* pVertexBuffer;
    void* pIndexBuffer;

    _pMesh->LockVertexBuffer(0, &pVertexBuffer);
    memcpy( pVertexBuffer, pVertices, totalVertices * sizeof(TTexVertex) );
    _pMesh->LockIndexBuffer(0, &pIndexBuffer);
	memcpy( pIndexBuffer, IndexData, indexes * sizeof(DWORD) );

    _pModel = new Model();

If you need some other code to help me, pleease tell me.


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