People who have worked in JTAPI applications or more so with Cisco JTAPI must be aware of the makecall.java program. Well I am new to JTAPI and what better to start off then this example provided with the cisco SDK. Well I am using CCM 1.4 and its working perfectly fine for other implementations. However when I try to run this program I get the following error:
Caught exception com.cisco.jtapi.PlatformExceptionImpl: Unable to create provider — Timed Out while waiting for ProverOpenCompletedEvent.What is this event? Do u hav any idea,
Could u please advice me where the problem lies.
Provider in this sense means the CCM. From my understanding of the error it looks like the application is not able to connect to the Call Manager

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It is been along time for the post, but I suppose that u already now know better about the cisco Jtapi, I think the problem was due to the address in the code, or the client machine on which u r running the code is not on the same subnet with the CCM,
have u ever worked with jtapi within oracle DB! I am googling on such thing but I got to successful results.


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