Hi 4 all..
i'm new in this fourm,and i need help plllllz to do this program in java,i realy be sooo confused!! i was absent in this lecture for (Arrays),i'm trying 2 do it but still i'm not get tha idea!! pllllllllllllz can eny ony explain 4 me the Q??

Write a program that plays a simple trivia game. The game should have five questions. Each question has a corresponding answer and point value between 1 and 3 based on the difficulty of the question. Implement the game using three arrays. An array of type String should be used for the questions. Another array of type String should be used to store the answers. An array of type int should be used for the point values. All three arrays should be declared to be of size 5.
The index into the three arrays can be used to tie the question, answer, and point value together. For example, the item at index 0 for each array would correspond to question1, answer1, and the point value for question 1. The item at index 1 for each array would correspond to question 2, answer2, and the point value for question 2, and so forth. Manually hardcode the five questions, answers, and point values into your program using trivia of your choice.
Your program should ask the player each question one at a time and allow the player to enter an answer. If the player’s answer matches the actual answer, the player wins no points for the question. Your program should show the correct answer if the player is incorrect. After the player has answered all five questions, the game is over and your program should display the player’s total score

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