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I want to get the total (column) amount using Listview w/o database VB.NET

Help me please...



Item Name | Unit Price | Quantity | Amount
Sample1 | 100.00 | 1 | 100.00

Sample2 | 100.00 | 1 | 200.00

Sample3| 100.00 | 1 | 200.00

Label or Textbox ----> Total 500.00

Here's the simplest way. This calculates the sum of the fourth column

Dim TotalSum As Double = 0
Dim TempNode As ListViewItem

For Each TempNode In ListView1.Items
  TotalSum += CDbl(TempNode.SubItems.Item(3).Text)
MsgBox(TotalSum) ' Debug

and it assumes that each item is a valid number.

A bit safer solutions uses TryParse to check validity:

Dim TotalSum As Double = 0
Dim TempNode As ListViewItem
Dim TempDbl As Double

For Each TempNode In ListView1.Items
  If Double.TryParse(TempNode.SubItems.Item(3).Text, TempDbl) Then
    TotalSum += TempDbl
  End If

and again calculates the sum of the fourth column.


Hi! Nice to hear that you got answer to your problem. Could you please mark the thread as solved. Thank you!

Hi sir, how about if going to display total quantity of items rowcount? On the top of screen there's 3 example should display Total Quantity = 3 Thx

Have you tried ".SubItems.Item(2).Text"?

If Double.TryParse(TempNode.SubItems.Item(2).Text, TempDbl) Then

..Or maybe ".SubItems.Item(1).Text" to get the Unit Price Total of the "second" Column?

hello, then how to achieve the option inserting the total of the sum into the mysql database?

>>can i add the sum total of the column in the footer of listview?
If "footer" is the "header" Or "ColumnHeader", then see if this helps.

With ListView1
            .Columns(0).Text = "ListView1" '// Column1
            .Columns(1).Text = ".Count" '// Column2
        End With

what if i remove 1 item the total has not been change..?

is there any solution for that

What if, "I would like to create a query statement that would give me the sum of the column(total_bill)?"
like this:

("Select SUM(total_bill)FROM tbl_estimates WHERE estimation_date = '"& Textbox1.Text & "'",2)

I would like to Displat it in my listview.

My, Query statement is absolutely right, but then there is still an error that doesnt have a suggestion.

Maybe you guys could help me..... :)

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