hi my friends

I developing shop program and want my software can read price from POS device , i dont have information about POS

please help me


Without any information about the POS program it will be difficult. Do they store information in Database format? Maybe they do it using an Access MDB file or CSV file.

You will need to know where the information is stored in order to access it.


Now I want know that how can connect to POS ? (devices read Credit Card )

Have you plugged it in and turned it on?

On a serious note, without any information regarding the device you will not succeed. Unless you have some software that already works with the device and a packet sniffer to inspect what data is being communicated between the device and the software. EVEN THEN, you don't know what this actually means, you can only emulate and copy what you think is happening.

Contact the manufacturer for information regarding the API for the device.