I have an electronic subscription to a newspaper and I generally download and print the puzzles for doing them later. Due to health issues, I'm behind about 6 months, but I'd like to catch up. I'd like a script to automate the download and save it to my PC. I'm a former (retired!) IT person but so out of date with technology, I'm not sure I can do this anymore. The date must go in the link in two places. Since I'm about 6 months behind, that's alot of manual downloading and saving. There is no need for user ID or password. Would this be a huge thing?

The link looks something like this: (I can't get this to show quite right here!)

I believe this is legal as I pay for the subscription and I can access them manually. Could someone help? I'd appreciate it!

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First, please go read [thread=78223]this posting about how to use Daniweb[/thread]

Then, let me point out the 'thread is solved' link near the bottom of the page. You, the OP (Original Poster) are the only one who has that link. When the thread is as done as possible, please do click that: It helps keep Daniweb organized and useful.

Now to the meat of your problem. The simple answer is to just use wget -i input-file where you have spent a little time creating input-file so it contains each of the needed URLs. Here's an online man page for wget. Any decent editor will make it reasonably easy to do he work, if only by copying the first line repeatedly, then going in and changing the two date fields.

Thank you for the welcome. And thanks even more for the help and the link. I'll give this a shot. Guess I'll have to go back to school, huh?

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