I noticed I have two versions of wxPython installed on my linux system. I found a way to choose which version you want to import

#!/usr/bin/env python
import wxversion

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Nice code, I will have to remember that!

since I started this thread, I am going to to jump topics a little. I tried to run the code from this thread

When I run it on windows, it works fine. When I run it on linux, using wxPython-2.6 it does not run correctly. It shows the sliders , but the two coloered boxes on the left are missing. Any idea why this is happening?

Does it use SetBackgroundColour()? This may work on Windows only, I know some widgets like the wxMenuItem do have that caveat. Not quite sure about labels like wxStaticText.

Should that be the case, then you have to go to rectangles, brush colors or floodfills.

yup it does, that may be the reason. Thanks :-)

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