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I want to make a program that is run when a user logs on, and after a set period of time, prompts for administrator permission to extend time limit. If there is no permission given, the program puts the computer in sleep mode and requires administrator permission to resume before a set cool-down time.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how one might go about doing this? Such as any tutorials or possible approaches? I would love to be able to do it in C++, but if needed, I can use whatever other languages might help.

I use Windows 7, Dev-C++, and I know MS-DOS (i'm sure it'll be needed).

Thanks in advance!

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This will explain how to add a program to startup folder

Thanks for the quick response, it was very helpful! Now how do I set up a timer that calls a function after, say, an hour?

Might also consider this for authentication.

Also, this for timers.