hey i am in a great confusion plz help me out.I have done basics of c++,and now i am in a confusion that whether i should continue c++ or to start with java????
plz suggest me

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Both are good. Base on your favorite and what really want to do ? Both language are strong and most use in programming. C++ with somebody look are great, somebody are different. It depend on your thought.

Why not both? The most suitable language will be different for different applications. The more languages you know, the more flexible you can be. Even if you can't take classes in both, you can still work in the other language for personal projects, there are plenty of free resources on the web :)

On the other hand, why not learn a language that lends itself to a different way of programming? I suspect that if you go straight into Java from C++, you'll learn the different syntax but ultimately it won't do much to make you a better problem-solver.

If you were to try something a bit different like Python, or quite different like Haskell or LisP, you'd not just learn a new language but you'd learn to think about problems in a different way.

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