Hi all

I am programming a database-related application in Java. I have to facilitate several different types of queries, but I'd like to use the same JTable to display the results of each query (one at a time, of course).

The problem is that when I'm using one JTable, I can't change the contents of it. I'm stuck with the data that I used to initialize the JTable.

I could not find any methods to update the contents of the JTable. I tried creating a new JTable object and adding that to the panel, then tried repainting/updating the panel & container, but nothing worked.

So I created this very stripped down version of the problem. Currently I am initializing the JTable with column names columnNames1 and rows data1.
When the button is clicked, I want to change the JTable to have column names columnNames2 and rows data2;

public class TestClass extends JFrame{

	JPanel panel;
	JTable table;
	JScrollPane scrollPane;
	Container C;
	JButton testButton;
	ActionListener changeListener;
	String[] columnNames1 = {"First Name","Last Name","Age"};
	String[] columnNames2 = {"First Name","Last Name","Height"};
	Object[][] data1 = {
				{"Mary", "Campione", "Snowboarding", "5"},
				{"Alison", "Huml", "Rowing", "3"},
					{"Kathy", "Walrath", "Knitting", "2"},
						{"Sharon", "Zakhour", "Speed reading", "20"},
						{"Philip", "Milne",	"Pool", "10"}};

	 Object[][] data2 = {
			{"James", "Keenan", "Hiking", "65"},
			{"Josh", "Huml", "Running", "37"},
				{"Billy", "Walrath", "Swimming", "21"},
					{"Robert", "Zakhour", "Golfing", "88"},
					{"Mike", "Milne",	"Soccer", "1"}};
	public TestClass(){
		testButton = new JButton("Change Data");
		changeListener = new ChangeListener();
		panel = new JPanel();
		Container C = getContentPane();
		C = getContentPane();
		table = new JTable(data1, columnNames1);
		scrollPane = new JScrollPane(table);
		table.setPreferredScrollableViewportSize(new Dimension(500, 70));
	class ChangeListener implements ActionListener{
		public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent evt){
			System.out.println("Change Button pressed");
			//change contents of JTable
	public static void main(String[] args){
			Frame f = new TestClass();
			f.setTitle("University Database Application");

Any help would be much appreciated. :idea:

kk nevermind, I figured it out. ;)

From your last post I assume that you have now implemented an AbstractTableModel.

Can you please tell me how you solved this issue. Its occurring for me also.

I am running a query , sometime it results in 8 rows and sometime it gives 3 rows.

My first quesry resulted in 8 rows and i am getting 8 rows now but my 2nd query resultd 3 nows , Still i ma able to see 8 rows..

Help me out

@staneja : Atleast care to see the post date, before posting question to him. It's better to start a new thread than to revive a four year old thread.

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