Ok...how bout in java
Hi evry1,
i need opinion here...im thinking of developing app whether online or for desktop...something like the following
1) http://www.netsuite.com/portal/products/main.shtml
2) http://www.smartdraw.com/exp/flo/home/

For 2), can you pin-point what should i use to create flow-chart, the nice-looking gui, graphic, drag n drop func(desktop app)...what bout for online app???

For 1) ...where do I start to achieve these:

Ok...thanks in advance for ur reply

I don't think office type applications (wordprocessors, spreadsheets) work well in a browser environment.
The client is too restrictive.

For your other question: D&D is built in these days, just read some books on Swing.
Charting components are to be found all over the web, search engines are your friend.

the business graphic software for desktop app...example like the image shown
so is it a wise idea to do it in java...with gr8 interface

thanks in advance

creating windows desktop app=what languages should be the gr8 choice to do that+create a nice looking interface like office app...should u know a gr8 lot of misc prog lang (java,c/c++)..plz dont hesitate to mention thanks..

Please translate that... Use English in the hope that people understand you, not some form of secret language.

what i meant is..
does using java in creating gui desktop application like the SmartDraw Flowchart application or similar application like real player would be troblesome and very difficult .I've read somewhere in the internet that to create a gui desktop application with java would be very troublesome...
hope thats clear enough

It's no more difficult than in any other high power language once you know what you're doing.
It does take some learning though, as the programming paradigms that underlie the Swing toolkit are quite different from what you'd expect from for example Delphi or Visual C++.
Especially the layout manager concept (instead of absolute positioning and sizing of controls) seems to have many people baffled for a while, but it's vital for the proper functioning of a GUI application in a multi-OS environment.
After writing applications using Turbo Vision for DOS it's a breeze though :)

Shouldn't be any different than writting something in a different language. If you are writting an online app, then java's probably the way to go. If you're worried about speed, then you shouldn't be. Since Java 1.4, it uses the Hotspot VM by default, which does pretty much the same as the .Net engine. The .Net engine simply compiles modules as it loads them. Hotspot compiles code that is frequently used only, thereby saving loads of memory and reducing startup time.

how bout icons that i created myself and non-standard windows layout: example nero/real player layout;
how can i do that: include them?add dll??
please advice ...

thanks in advance

rewritten post:
how bout icons that i created myself?

An Icon is used to describe fixed-size pictures, or glyphs. Typically, you embed icons in a JButton or other JComponent. Objects that can act as icons implement the Icon interface, shown below. It contains a paintIcon() method that specifies a drawing origin. You render the picture specified in the paintIcon() method in a rectangle whose size cannot exceed a rectangle with an origin at (x, y), a width of getIconWidth(), and a height of getIconHeight(). The Component parameter to paintIcon() is not usually used, unless you need to specify additional information, such as a font or color.
Am i on the right track?

and non-standard windows layout: example nero/real player layout;
how can i do that?
please advice ...

thanks in advance

Hi everyone,

I am currently building office applications in java and i would agree with jwenting that its not much harder than other high end languages. Do note that you will be required to build most of your own custom components if you do this.

The questions you ask about adding icons and all are rather basic knowledge in java so i would recommend that you try the swing and java tutorials on sun's site to let yourself have a feel of the java language and its gui toolkit.

Richard West

thanks every1...if any1 has great ideas/suggestions/comments,openly welcome all of them..thanks again

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