Im having trouble with gtk open file dialog it will open the first time but after i closed it i cant reopen it
Ive tried casting it as different objects but i cant seem to fix it.
After attempting to reopen the dialog box it spits out gtk_dialog_run: assertion 'GTK_IS_DIALOG (dialog)' failed.

//im pretty sure my problem is with one of these lines
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anyone have any idea what could be the problem all im trying to do is get the open file dialog to open when i click a button ive searched and tried everything i know and it opens up the first time but after the first time it spits out gtk_dialog_run:assertion 'GTK_IS_DIALOG(dialog)' failed in terminal any help would be appreciated


has anyone ever actually used gtk on here ? surely at least one person has?

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Thanks for the second link going over it now.

i looked at the zetcode page yesterday wasn't of any use to me :(

I would switch to wxWidgets but for the sake of simplicity(and ive already learned quite a bit

about GTK) I will try to stick to GTK.

Although i might give wxWidgets another spin(i used it once before but that was when i started

coding around 2 years ago but back then i was nowhere near where im at now i can barely fathom that

i got this far(mostly terminal code but still some of the concepts I have picked up just from

reading source in the past 5 weeks is just amazing)). By the way nice avatar :P

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still need some help but i got remoted on ubuntu so .... :( i no longer have all my code :(

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