i am using ITEXT to create Pdf File . i want to reduce spacing between lines in pdf file
is this possible if it is possible then how can i do that.

Apparently iText is using little inconvenient name for line spacing "leading" based on PDF spec. So depending on where you want to change spacing Chunk/Phrase/Paragraph you can either use constructor to do it on start or a method setLeading() later in the process

i have to adjust space between two lines in pdf i am doing this code in java and using iText as external liabrary

And the reply you got is for Java. So what is point of your reply?

i am reading text file and convert those text file in pdf according to my format but
the default space between two lines in more i want to reduce that space

And I already told you that this parameter can be set up directly in constructor of Chunk, Phrase or Paragraph or it can be added at any point through processing by using method setLeading().

So what do you don't understand about it?