I'm new to computer programming, and I need help. I have researched, and read my book; however, I just can't seem to grasp pseudocode. i have to write a program that accepts data for an order number, customer name, length and width of desk ordered, type of wood, and number of drawers. I need to display all the entered data and the final price of the desk.

min charge of desk is $300
if surface is over 850 square inches, add $50
if mahogany add $150
if oak add $125
every drawer in desk is an additional $30


The best way to start a program, is frequently to work it through by hand, on paper. How would you do this, without a computer?

You might use a row of an order form, where columns denoted the features the order desk should have, with a sub-total of the price on the far right hand or lower part of the form.

Using a struct with members for these features, seems a natural, but parallel arrays or even individual variables, can be used, as well.

Once you REALLY understand the problem, and can break it down into simple, small steps of logic, THEN you're ready to put those simple steps, into pseudo code.

If() statements for the features, seems like a step in the right direction.