In my APP the principal form open a second form (MothPayment) where the user pay a moth of the student. Well, made the payment, the form close and return to the principal form. The problem is that textbox fields like student balance, paid month , etc only refresh if the user close and open the form again. I try some methods used by me with the same APP in VB but nothing work.

I'm using Visual Studio C#

Thx in advanced.

You could try the forms Refresh() method.

If you want to update the graphical view of the form, then you need to use forms Refresh() method. But I think you are loading the data from external resources such as database or file to the forms fields like textbox, checkbox etc while Loading the form. If this is the case then, you need to do the following:

Create one (public or internal)method to load the data to the forms controls.
Call this method on the child forms close event.

i have create a main form and take a menu strip in this form and by menu strip i open new child form i want when we close the child form then main form is refresh or load but i have use form.refresh() method but form not load;