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I am experiencing some abnormal application behavior.

I wrote an application in C# that does hourly database , as well as directory backups.

Its constructed in a way that all settings are saved in XML file. and once the user allows the application to start doing the scheduled backups, a timer runs every millisecond to check for the Date & Time.

If the date & time = the next backup date and time, a backup will be done (Databases and directories have their own individual times.)

The backup process for Databases are as follows:
1. Databases are backed up into .../Microsoft SQL Server/MSSQL.1/MSSQL/Backup/Folder/
2. Database backups are then copied to the applications folder.
3. Database backups now get compressed to save disk space
4. Compressed backups get sent to a remote server via FTP
5. Confirmation Email is sent.

The backup process for Directories are as follows:
1. Directories are copied to the applications folder.
2. Directories get compressed to save disk space
3. Directories get sent to a remote server via FTP
4. Confirmation Email is sent.

This all works perfectly fine.

But when i install this application on a Windows Server (2003 R2 SP1) the application does one backup and then closes.

Why is the application closing ? i have no code that allows it to close.

I also made a log txt file that writes log entries of everything that happens but for some reason the log entries do not include any relevant data to this error.

Also, i use remote desktop to access the server which this is installed on.

PLEASE help.