I am currently using eclipse but thinking of NetBeans because of gui. I don't want to download it yet because i dont want to have unused programs on my computer. so should i download it for gui?

Don't download Netbeans only for GUI. To be honest, in some of the professional companies I have been to, majority of them use Eclipse, because i think it is quite portable, I might be wrong. But Netbeans is very impressive, easy to use, however I had some problems in GUI development. The dimensions of GUI changed when I moved from Windows and Linux. It might be logical but I wasn't expecting that.

i think im gonna stick with eclipse because i love it. unless someone else posts some convincing information.

If you're already comfortable using Eclipse, stick with that as it's more often used professionally than Netbeans. I, however, use Netbeans at home because I find it easier to use.

ok thanks i will stick with eclipse

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