Hi I'm currently using vb6 and ms access for my database.
So far the application runs good, but the rumor (or fact) that access are not powerful enough with multiple access and also it has low data limitation (around 2 Gb), it scares me. I don't want my clients to eventually "hit the limit" and my program will collapse.

What should I do? Is that rumor true?
If it is really true, I definitely need to use the other database.
But since if we use the other database, which one is the easiest to be developed and distributed to the client?

Because I don't think that my clients will like to buy another database software just to complement my software. Since ms access comes with ms office naturally, so I don't think it will be a burden, since they will buy ms office anyway. But for oracle or some other expensive databases... it might be a burden.

thanks a lot,


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In your case ,all depends on how much you can afford to spend.

and i don't think all versions of office is shipped with Access.

You can look for something like MySQL.

The rumor is entirely true, unfortunately. Access can only handle up to 5 calls at the same time. If there are more calls to the database, the data will be dropped. All the other databases has a stack feature where all calls gets stacked and added without any data loss.

You can use MySql, which is freeware and very easy to use. It is probably the most used database next to MS Sql.

You can download it as a package known as xampp, which gives you MySql, Apache server (for web design) and phpMyAdmin, whch can be used as the database console. It is the best package currently available.


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Another good management console fro MySql is MySqlcc, download from here.

MySQL is free..

MySQL is free..

Ahhh, which is what I said above -

You can use MySql, which is freeware


AndreRet : actually u give a complete guide :)

I' not sure what you mean Jx. Please elaborate more. Maybe I can get a laugh here, seeming that its BLUE MONDAY for me.;)

haha..i'm just like your posting..just it friend.. :)

Thanks. Not a full laugh, but I feel like laughing before I burst out in tears because my employees is doubly thick in their skulls today!:)

Off topic here.
@neosonic, let us know if this is what you needed.

thanks for replying guys..
I had a good laugh too when reading on your posts :)

Honestly, I will be more than happy to use mysql, since I know it more than access.
But I heard that mysql is only can be used for private use, not for commercial. Whereas my program is a commercial. So, which database has the closest similarity to the mysql? is there any commercial version of mysql?
Then.. if I am using mysql, can include mysql into my program installation, so my client can install it in one go?

also for ms access, its limit is only the 5 computer can access the database at the same time?

thanks a lot

I use a lot of MSFlexGrid and TDBGrid (one of the table add-on in vb6) in my program.
Is it gonna be compatible with MYSQL?

Anyway... I will do some experiments tonight with my backup files, see how it goes :)
My biggest question now is, am I allowed to use mySql?


Yes, you can use MySql. When you start using multiple users as an admin team, MySql will start to cost you. When installing on a server as a "standalone" no costs, no matter the amount of users interacting with the database. You are also not allowed to sell MySql as part of your application, only charge for admin maintenance etc.

You also need to leave all the freeware scripts in place in the installation folder, so users can see that it is freeware.

Now you can see why this is the worlds most used database. Did you know that 90% of website hosts ONLY allow MySql databases?

As far is compatibility with your app is concerned, yes, it works the same as access. It is just another (much better) database management system. Another tip, remember that the root is your super user. You do not want to give your users those privileges, only for admin users. In myPHPAdmin (if you have downloaded the xampp version) lets you create users with restricted access.:) If you need help on this, post a new thread, I'll give you the steps.

Lastly, access can only handle up to 5 "computers" at a time. If 5 users are adding a new entry to say different tables, it will work. The sixth users data will be dropped.;)

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thanks for your info mate. I am still trying to install mysql server. But I am still stuck with applying the security setting. I'll work around it somehow. I'm still googling around.

as I suspect :( it is more complicated to use mysql more than access. But, I guess, that's the price we need to pay to have a better system :)
Thanks a lot :)

Since MySQL is open source, you may not get enough help on the same in net as compared to Access.

Yup, at least I'm quiet happy that mysql and access query are similar in principal :)

Hi, I just want to ask about the reference that I need to include for the mysql connection. I have installed mysql-connector-odbc-3.51.27-win32.
But I don't know which reference that I need to include in my vb6 program.

thanks a lot

sorry mate, I think I need to put a reference for vb6 to detect it.

I put

Dim con1 as New adodb.Connection.

But the compile error says "user defined type not defined".
So it should be something to add in the vb6 project reference, otherwise vb6 won't be able to detect the type.

Is there any other ways around it? thanks

Neo, we are going off topic here. Please open a new thread.

You need to reference the normal ms active x data objects library, and vb mysql direct.

I will give you a much better version AND options in your new post.:)

My assumption was you are already on ADO.

thanks guys :) I think I'm good for now, I'm able to extract the my data..
I've got a perfect example in here:


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MySQL is the best option if you do not want to spend money.

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