..I am trying to create an ATM-like java applet program that will enable a user to check for their balance, make a deposit and withdraw a certain amount..

..The program will require a swipe card number(as if it is was a real ATM) but should be already included in the program..(assuming it already has 3 clients)..

..My problem is..it "should" has something to do with a 2-3 byte array..which at the first place, I cannot really understand well..

..I've checked already at google to find more stuffs about my concerns..but I can't find quite explanations about file handling using the 2-3 byte array..

..can somebody help me..??..

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Well, you need to first define what it is you need help with as I have no idea what you are talking about. What does a "-3 byte array" have to do with "FileHandling" and what is a "2-3 byte array" in your definition in the first place. If you Google as well as you ask here I can believe you are not finding anything that helps.


...ow...my fault..haha..

..well, the program has 3 clients having these swipe card numbers(1, 2, and 3)..
..1 client has a Balance of 0..

..2 client has a Balance of 1000..

..3 client has a Balance of 10000..

..if I clicked the swipe card button,

..an inputdialog box will appear asking for a swipe card number..whenever I entered any of those client number above(example "1") and press enter, I am allowed to access the file inside of that client number...like asking for my Balance("0")...and those 2 other options at the right..

.. 2-3 means 2 by 3 bytearray..even I don't know exactly what my mentor is trying to say about that..he is too strict that's why I cant find the strength to ask him about this..

..so that's it..I suppose...
..well, if it is still very troublesome..then, telling me more about file handling would be appreciated...

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..ow i forgot..my question is..how can I use bytearray OR just file handling for my goal....??..


Just a guess, but... maybe your unhelpful "mentor" is suggesting a 2x3 array to hold your data ie
{ first swipe card no, account 1 balance},
{ second swipe card no, account 2 balance},
{ third swipe card no, account 3 balance}
... even so a byte array isn't going to work too well because the balances exceed 2^8.

I think you need to talk to your "mentor" again, no matter how hard that seems.

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