I wrote a program that interactively allows you to import files directly from your HDD into another python program. When building a new program, you simply call my program, navigator, and it lets you choose a directory and it prints out a numbered list of file:

file a 1
file b 2
file c 3

Then you pick the files you want by number. Say 1 2, then these files are immediately loaded into the program from which you've called this. I wrote this because I do a lot of data analysis in which I need to import many different data files of varying number, and wanted a modular way to do this.

If this is useful, I can post it, but my current version might only work on windows because I've used colors.

Can someone tell me if a program like this already exists?

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Tkinter has graphical way to do file selection which is less OS dependent. For data we have shelve, pickle and json modules.

Nice stuff but what is the benefit of this app. In real life situation? Can you give more light?

Nice stuff but what is the benefit of this app. In real life situation? Can you give more light?


When I do measurements in the lab, I get a lot of datasets which are more or less similar sets of curves. Some of the statistical analysis that we do on the curves depends on both the effect of each curve individually and the total number of curves used. Therefore, in some analysis, I may import 3 out of 10 curves. In other analysis, I import 7 curves, etc...

Additionally, I have programs that can further concatenate the data to consolidate it into one data set. So for example, I can use the program mentioned above to import three data sets, then use other programs to concatenate them and output (if desirable), write them into an array for NP analysis, etc...

Basically, anytime a program would benefit from a file_list import, in which the files vary in number and location on the HDD, this is a quick way to import them.

Why are you looking for another similar program ? Aren't you happy with your program ? Also it would be a good idea to post it (you can zip the python file and attach the zip to a post if it is too long).

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