So yeh, I'm kind of new to c :). So, as far as I know, and array initialized to 0 will stay at 0 unless something is stored by some other function or command. so I have and array here(imgSet) that when I tell my program to print out elements individually, its giving some wierd things, depending on how I want them to be printed( i.e. characters, int, etc...)

I can't seem to find any cases where this has happened anywhere else and I wanted to see what some pro's would think about this.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

int main()
	// setting up array and a few integers i may need//
	char imgSet[10][65538] = {0};
	char *filename[80];
	char *menu;
	char l,L,r,R,p,P,a,A,h,H,v,V,t,T,d,D,m,M,q,Q;
	char *menuinput=0;
	int x,i,j,vSize,hSize;
	int control1 = 0;
	int control2 = 0;
	l = 'l';
	L = 'L';
	r = 'r';
	R = 'R';
	p = 'p';
	P = 'P';
	a = 'a';
	A = 'A';
	h = 'h';
	H = 'H';
	v = 'v';
	V = 'V';
	t = 't';
	T = 'T';
	d = 'd';
	D = 'D';
	m = 'm';
	M = 'M';
	q = 'q';
	Q = 'Q';
	menu = ("*****OPTION*****MENU***** \nL: Load image \nR: Remove image \nP: Print image \nA: Average image \nH: Horizontal derivative\nV: Vertical derivative\nT: compute hisTogram\nD: search Digram\nM: local Maxima\nQ: Quit program\n*************************\n\n");
	//void readImage(const char *fname, unsigned char *img);
	while((control1 == 0))
	printf("%senter option:",menu);
	scanf("%s", &menuinput);

	if((menuinput == l) ||(menuinput == L))
		printf("Enter filename:");
		i = 0;
		while (i<10)
			if (imgSet[i] == 0)
				printf("empty %d\n",i);
				i += 1;

				j = i;
				printf("%c ",imgSet[i]);
				printf("j is %i\n",j);
				i += 1;
				//i = 10;
	else if((menuinput == 'r') ||(menuinput == 'R'))
		printf("input is %s\n\n",menuinput);
	else if((menuinput == 'a') ||(menuinput == 'A'))
		printf("input is %s\n\n",menuinput);
	else if((menuinput == 'p') ||(menuinput == 'P'))
		printf("input is %s\n\n",menuinput);
	else if((menuinput == 'h') ||(menuinput == 'H'))
		printf("input is %s\n\n",menuinput);
	else if((menuinput == 'v') ||(menuinput == 'V'))
		printf("input is %s\n\n",menuinput);
	else if((menuinput == 't') ||(menuinput == 'T'))
		printf("input is %s\n\n",menuinput);
	else if((menuinput =='d') ||(menuinput == 'D'))
		printf("input is %s\n\n",menuinput);
	else if((menuinput == 'm') ||(menuinput == 'M'))
		printf("input is %s\n\n",menuinput);
	else if((menuinput == 'q') ||(menuinput == 'Q'))
		printf("Terminating\n\n",control1 = 1);



When I run this I am putting L as my input and anything as a file name since it isnt reading anything yet. I set it to output something the contents of the array and the index it is in as the j variable.

this is the output it is giving me in its current state.

L j is 0
N j is 1
P j is 2
R j is 3
T j is 4
V j is 5
X j is 6
Z j is 7
\ j is 8
^ j is 9

Help please. Thank you

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imgSet is a 2D array, dude. printf("%c ",imgSet[i]) isn't doing what you think it's doing.

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good stuff


ok, I set the logical operator and the print statement with respect to imgSet and its working so far.

Thank you !!!


You can simplity all those if statements if you convert menuinput to either upper or lower case. And then you can use a switch statement. You can also delete all those variables on line 11 and initializations on lines 16-33.

menuinput = toupper(menuinput);
   case 'A': // blabla

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well this is a project for school that stores 10 text based images in a REALLY long array, consisting of 10 images with (2 + 256*256) elements to make up and image. the 2 is for the Height and width of the image, resulting in 65538


Use a calculator if you have to but 256*256 = 65536, not 65538.

yes, which would be the max size of the text based image, the other 2 characters are there for the height and width of the image. ex if the 1st 2 characters were 200 and 100, this would have a hieght of 200 pixels and width of 100

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