I need help with a program for a class. I got all the issues taken care of but this one:
error C3861: 'menu': identifier not found
My program code is (I know it stupid but I can't see it)

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main ( )
     int usersChoice = menu();    //This is the problem line 
     cout << "\n You Choose " << usersChoice;

     return 0;
} //end main

int menu(void)
//displays a menu and returns
//the integer value of the item
//selected by the user
        cout << "Choose From Martha's Menu:/n";
        cout << "1 - Dinner";
        cout <<endl<< "2 - Lunch";
        cout <<endl<< "3 - Breakfeast";
        cout << "Enter a number: ";

int choice = 0;

cin >> choice;

return choice;

} //end menu

Any help would be nice.

You have to declare functios before they can be used. Add a function prototype for menu() befor main().