i'm did a program in C++6.0 that retrives data from Access.
the program was ok and runs normally for quite sometime and suddenly the error
"Unable to Create File Buffer" appear.
After searching high and low for solution and trying multiple suggestions, i found that that problem is because in my "C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Temp" folder, there already exist CTT1.tmp, CTT2.tmp through to CTTFFFF.tmp files.
When i delete those files, my program is able to run normally.

What i'm not sure is that, is it safe to delete those files? what if those CTT.tmp files were created by other programs and there is a risk that me deleting those files will cause other program to fail?

If that is the case, then I should only delete those CTT.tmp files created by my program right? However I do not know what those files are because those CTT.tmp files were created automatically by windows. Is there any way where I can track those temp files that were created by windoes for my program so that i can delete it when the program exit..?
Please advice..

The general rule is that a file in a directory named 'temp' or 'tmp' is a temporary file; one that is required only for the duration of the execution of the program that uses it. By convention, these can be safely deleted; no reasonable program is expected to break if a temporary file is removed.