Hello everyone who reads this.

I am currently creating a program in which the user inputs a booking reference which will allow them to overview flight details that they have added to previosu flights.

I have been having trouble working out which direction I should follow to sort out this problem and the only thing that has really stood out in my opinion is by using regular expressions to match each number together.

I would appreciate anyone with greater knowledge of this subject as I feel I’ve hit a brick walk and wouldn’t mind another opinion.

I'll be looking forward to your responses.
Thanks again and have a nice day.:)

I don't think I know how to help you without more information.

Can you give us examples of these booking reference numbers? Do you want to look up one booking reference at a time, or match a range or pattern of them with one query? Give us an example of what you want to search for and examples of what should match and not match that pattern.

I don't see why you can't use regular expressions to search for numbers, although, depending on what you want to do, there may be other ways to do it. What is this "brick wall" you speak of?

Thanks for the reply,
The way I was thinking about doing this would be to create a two digit number in which I would use an if function to see if the number they had input in was an exact match to one correct reference which was stored in the databse. This would allow 99 available ways of giving users a reference number in which they would use to look at flights they have booked.
An example of what I would like to do with the reference numbers would be to allow the customer to input the reference number in which they had been given to them whislt they have purchased a flight. The reference number will then try to get an exact match to one which has been stored on a database and then output the informaton of the flight booking

In short I would like to cover these criteras:
-Match a pattern of numbers in one query.
-Outputting the information that has been stored in the databse in a table format

Thanks again for your support.