Write a method that accepts an array of digits (base 10) and creates and returns a new array representing the same fraction but now base 16

thank you for sharing your detailed information :-)

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# include <stdio.h>
	# include <conio.h>
	Void main ( )
	Int a [1000], l, n, max, min;
	Clrscr( );
	Print (“ how many element in the array”);
	Scanf (“%d”, & n);
	Printf(“enter the element : \n”);
	For (i=0, i< = n – 1; i++);
	Scanf (“%d”, &a [a]);
	Max = a(o);
	Min = c(o);
	For (i = 1; i< = n – 1; i++)
	If (max <a [i])
	Max = a[i];
	If (min > a[i])
	Min = a[i];
	Printf(“maximum element in the array is :%d\ n”, max);
	Printf(“minimum element in the array is: % \n”, min);
	Getch ( );

i have done this,but this is simple program to find max & min from array.
But i didnt get how to represent the fraction.

OK, that looks like C, it's certainly not Java - you're in the wrong thread here.

In other words, you've lifted a sample from a website without even realising it's not Java.
Thus, you've done nothing at all.

:-) you are welcome on these sites, ensure maybe with specific (old.good.sun.Forums) but unmistakable humor :-), maybe he'd kil*** another Java forum(s) in this moment