I have completely documented my project, And when i am creating the dll of my project and giving it to the people, the comments are not visible due to which they are getting problem in performing their tasks.
Please give me some solution for it.

Thanks in advance!!

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You need to read this, I know it's long, but it gives you everything you need to know to create the files you need to give so that your class documents are available to others.


All you should need to do is send the xml file with the dll file.

In your project/bin/release you will have your dll and an xml file send both.

Visual Studio should automatically add the xml file when adding a reference to the dll when in the same folder.


@Momerath Thanks for your help!1:)
@Unhnd_Exception: Thanks!! But I m creating the dll by building the website/Project and it is not creating any XML file along with the dll. Is there any alternative way to create a dll so that i may get the XML file as well.

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