using C# can anyone tell me how to Capture Remote Dekstop through WIFI............

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This is a very pathetic question. The rules say you should give your post a descriptive name not "Need help".

For Screen capturing, it can easily be done in C#. For packet capturing data being transmitted across WIFI that contains remote desktop information, I'm not sure this is the right place to ask. Typically the latter will be considered at the minimum "unethical" and at the most, criminal and wrong.


do you have any idea how can i connect my laptop to PC using wi-fi connect .. in my laptop have Windows 7 OS and in my Desktop windows XP.. and now i m using Wi-Fi of MTNL... now i just want to connect my PC through wi-fi so is it possible to connect my Desktop using Laptop without any wire... through Remote Desktop Connection.. if yes then please give me steps to make the connection... hope you understand what i want....


wireless networks don't have the equivalent of a cross-over cable. You'll need some third device for them to connect to.

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