What is the best edition to learn java in basic....

or if something else.....

Is JavaEE good for begin or not ?

What are the main differences between those editions.....

ME is the Micro Edition - specialised version for smartphones etc
SE is the Standard Edition. It's all you need for ordinary desktop apps and applets and is (roughly) a superset of ME.
EE is the Enterprise Edition - for large-scale corporate client/server/database apps - it's a superset of SE

Most people start with SE, unless they have a good reason to do something different.

Personally, I would start with Java SE - it will give you the basis for other java editions, such as SE and EE. Once you learn to write simple effective java, you can move on to more complex concepts.

I started with EE using Vaadin UI framework, Maven, and Netbeans IDE, love it so far!

I started learn JAVA form javaEE edition...
Can't feel any difficult until now ,personally i believe because of my teacher.....
By the the way i think my way is easier than other....

I would start with SE, and if you're really just starting with Java, I would recommend starting without an IDE like NetBeans or Eclipse, untill you are more familiar with the java syntax yourself.

NotePad++ will do just fine to write your code in, and you can let the code indent, so it'll still be a lot more clear than developing in plain Notepad

Thank you "Stultuske".
Yes, I know if I use IDE its will be very easy to forget specially java syntax..
But unfortunately its not practical develop some application like server-side application.But while learning concept of these application I never forget implement some basic application using notepad++..