I have a class Matrix2D where the matrix is defined as vector<double> elements. I'm trying to use the function Gauss() to perform gaussian elimination on a matrix a

bool Gauss(Matrix2D& a)
[INDENT][/INDENT]//Gaussian elimination routine

The function itselt works perfectly and if I view the matrix a just before the function ends a is in reduced form.

This routine is being called by a parent class structure() as follows


where s.getSolMat() returns the matrix to be solved (return SolMat) and s is an instance of a subclass of structure() and parent of Matrix2D(). The problem is if I view the matrix after this routine has been executed from within structure() it appears as if the Gauss() routine hasn't run. But I know it worked from checking within the function.

For some reason SolMat (the variable returned by s.getSolMat()) is forgetting its value?

Can anyone understand why this isn't working for me?


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