Hey everyone..
I need some help writing code for c++ to make a plot. I think im suppose to use an array but im lost after that. The plots are suppose to look like the pictures in the link and the points come from a data file that im reading in. The min and max values are in two other functions which i have completed but im stuck on how to plot the points.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Think of the plot mathematically as an x and a y component, but think of the plot visually (to print) as a series of lines of spaces and crosses. Fill a 2 dimensional array with spaces. Then add a cross to the cell that demonstrates what y would be at any given increment of x for all x's. Then print the array to the screen one line (row) at a time. Since spaces don't show up on the screen it will look like a plot of crosses, eventhough it is really a print out of lines.