Hi i have been just looking at C++ games programming and i have bought a book and learned the basics of C++ aswell as some indepth games programming. I have been thinking of developing a small game with physics and stuff but for physics i'd like to use the HAVOK library but i dont know where to start. In addition to this i've heard the the Unreal Engine in a good thing to build a game around. I dont really have much experience in incorporating these things into C++ projects so i'm here to ask this.

Please can any people who have done this or know how to post some links to good places to learn from or any code example!?

Any help is much appreciated,


Unreal Engine is a big thing for your small game. Moreover you wont be programming in C++ inside it.(Most of the time you will be editing a level in it.)
So keep it for later.
For first project keep things simple.
for 2d try Allegro game programming library
for 3d try Irrlicht

Also i would not suggest a physics based game just now.


Okay thanks for the reply, but anyway do you have any links that i can look at just out of pure interest i would like to learn about this stuff :)


Scrap the above ^ irrlicht works great and is sufficent for what i need :) thanks

Also check out Design3.com. I used that site for Unity3D and UDK at it was brilliant. Its charged per month but it covers so much more than I could hope to learn.