My program looks something like this:

char *name= (char *)malloc(200);

unsigned char type=1;

unsigned char GetType(){
    return type;

char* GetName(){ 
    return name;

void function(unsigned char* message, int* intPtr){

    message[0]= GetType(); // works correctly
    // CODE HERE    


void main(){

unsigned char *message= (unsigned char *) malloc(256);

int *ptrInt = (int *)malloc(sizeof(int));

function(message, ptrInt);

printf("message[0]= %d",message[0]); // works correctly


I have a pointer to an array of 256 unsigned chars. I am parsing that pointer as a parameter to function(message, intPtr).

Inside function(), I want to load the first byte from my array ( message[0]) with an integer from 0-255 (works).

Next, I want the bytes from 1... strlen(name) to store the name. How can I do that?

For instance, I've tried:

void function(unsigned char* message, int* intPtr){

		char *xxx=GetName(); //or even

                char *xxx; xxx=GetName();

		printf("\nGetName: \n");
		while (*xxx)

		memcpy(message+1, GetName(), strlen(GetName());


Ideas, please?

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why are you calling GetName() so many times??? And for what purpose is the second parameter to that function?

char* xxx = GetName();
if( xxx != NULL)
   printf("%s\n", xxx);
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