i have created a project in netbeans that contains an applet, later i use that projects jar file in web project and i embed the applet in the html file.
the annoying thing is that once i change something in my applet project the and i run the web project nothing changes i have to close and open neatbeans in order to update the applet. i have tried cleaning and building jar files and i have removed and added jar files but nothing works till i close and open netbeans (sometimes even that doesnt work)

is there alternative to using applets? i need to draw some graphs and applets are the only solution i know to get this accomplished

thank you

is there alternative to using applets?

yes JSP and there are (Free, nonFree, MixedLicencies) lots of Widgets, templates, examples, tutorials etc..., I'm using Netbeans and this sites contains a few good tutrials about that, maybe .... web framework ruby on rails (faster for endUser Html viewer)

JApplets is very old ****, just for magic backCompabilities are't depreciated in Java 5 and 6

i would be willing to look more in to jsp but would jsp have the possibility to present graphs and charts because all the knowledge i have using jsp is for creating forms

thanks for your replay