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Hi All,

I am trying to start writing a wiki-ish CMS I've been contemplating for a while now.

the content will include pics, html content, and should be stored in a database (the current pick is postgres)

A few questions for the more experienced folk 'round here:
1. how do I plan such a database - is there a ready-made data type for a webpage, or do I need to build a table for every component (e.g. pictures). Is there a ready template for such a thing?
2. Python web frameworks - which would be best suited for this? Django is something I'm reading about right now, but there are pylons and turbogears as well
3. The postgres connector - which one is the more popular and the better maintained one? I'm using psycopg right now, but this early in the process, it's easy to switch to another package, if this one is suboptimal.

Any opinions and tips appreciated. I really want to get this project right, so when I open it up, I won't need to blush :)