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I want to learn web application development. I have good experience in C programming language and no other language. Can you please suggest me where to start with? I have already dived into Python a bit, so I searched the net for some good framework and got Django. Can you please suggest me if there are better options to start off to learn web app development, may be with PHP or some other language along with frameworks. Though I would prefer Python over PHP as I have already learned Python somewhat. Any suggestion is welcome.


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hi theharshest,
i think its good u have started with Python, its really 1 of gr8 Languages n Django framework for it is best.
Python is a general purpose language. And it also supports various languages and libraries like 4 Java Jython, 4 .net IronPython, 4 C Cython... And as u knw C Cython will be much easier for u to start with it....
here r some links for you to get started with Pyhton-

1st you should go through its wiki-

other online tuts-

here are some Video tuts which may help u alot-
4 python-

4 Django -

you can also refer to many of the books available for python from good publisers like O'reilly, Wrox, Apress


For me cherrypy looks most nice to program with, of course there is plenty of alternatives and Django is quite popular like also Pylons and Turbogears.


Django appears to be winning the battle for the minds of programmers with "serious" (== big) development needs. TurboGears looked very interesting when I was researching how to develop a site, but I ended up going with Django. There are a lot of others, including some very small ones. You might like web.py

Django's downside, if you want to call it that, appears to be that it does so much stuff for you that you end up needing to learn a new language: Django. The upside is the same thing: Django does so much that often your development effort is quite small... once you know how to use it.

TurboGears is also a full service web framework, developed with a somewhat different mindset than Django, but still a lot to learn.

I looked only briefly at cherryPy and several others.


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