i googled for awt learnings then found a thread that awt is not necessary, you can directly go to swing. then i started swing, but i can't underdtand it that easily.
now i know the very basic in swing, will you please help me to increase my accuracy by giving me some tips. or i have to learn awt first
thank you!!

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In my opinion, you don't need to learn awt first. The basic concepts are the same with both, but with different components and they way they interact.

The most important things to learn are how to build up components (adding a label and a button to a JPanel, and adding that to a JFrame, for example), and action listeners (methods called when, for example, a button is pressed.) Start with the basics and work your way up. There are some very good books on Swing available that will be of help.

AWT underlies Swing in many places, so you'll need to know something about it to use Swing effectively.
You won't have to know it in depth, but the concepts should be familiar.

thank you guys. can u give me some tips on swing to make my reading quicker.

IMHO you can't beat the official Sun/Oracle Java learning tutorials
Don't worry about learning AWT as such; if you learn Swing then that will include those aspects of AWT that still apply, but you will avoid getting side-tracked by those aspects of AWT that have been superseded in Swing.

Thank you James. i've tried it. but i couldn't understand it well anyways thank you for the concern.

try and try again until you do understand it or decide programming isn't for you. It doesn't get more basic than the tutorial.

when i started this thread i knew nothing about swing now i'm lot better than i was.

That's great! If you want to try writing a small program or two and posting your code here, I'm sure we will be happy to give you some feedback and tips.

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