Hello everyone..!

I'm having a problem with gtk.ListStore class, while i'm trying to insert values into it.
It seems that after I create the class object and use each one of the functions which responsible for values insertion (insert, append, prepend etc...), the only value that gets inserted to the list is None!


listStore = gtk.ListStore(str, int)
listStore.insert(0, )
comboBoxEntry = gtk.ComboBoxEntry(listStore)

The comboBoxEntry objects displays an empty row instead of the row inserted!

any ideas ??

I thought you loaded the combobox this way:


# or
slist = [ "String1", "String2", "String3", "String 4" ]


The command i forgot was :


after that, the text shuold appear in the combo box.
It works on Linux, I think it should work on Windows too...

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