i am converting a vc++ project written in 16 bit code to 32 bit code. Am using VC++ 6.0.

In the 16 bit code they have used a in build class cvbcontrol which is not supported in 32 bit environment. CVBControl class was used in the code to display the datas in a grid form by fetching the data from the database. Also the datas in the grid displayed can be edited the changed manually.

Can you help in showing me the replacement for this functionality in 32 bit environment.


Microsoft does not directly support a grid control that is editable. To solve that problem I have used this grid control very successfully. For your project you will have to use either ODBC or ADO (depending on the databas you want to use) to do the queries and get the result sets, then populate the grid control with that data.

Suggest you upgrade your compiler to VC++ 2010 to get the benefit of compliance with current c++ standards and the .NET os. I don't know without some research if .NET has an editable grid control. Nor do I know what kind of database access it supports.

is it possible to implement grid control using active x controls... If so can you give any suggestions regarding that.

In my project the required to do using vc++ 6.0 only i cant use vc++2010.

There are commercial grid controls that will let you do that, if you're willing to spend a few $$$. But you can also get a very good free one from here. I used that one for 5 or 6 years in some of my projects. Its over 10 years old now and has been tested by dozens of programmers in countless projects. And since you get the source code for free you can customize it to do anything you want, but customization is probably not necessary for your purpose.