hi, i doing a project to send MMS using PIC16F876.. how to define the pic16f876 in c++? thank in advance.


Program Memory Type                  Flash
 Program Memory (KB)                  14
 CPU Speed (MIPS)                     5
 RAM Bytes                            368
 Data EEPROM (bytes)                  256
 Digital Communication Peripherals    1-A/E/USART, 1-MSSP(SPI/I2C)
 Capture/Compare/PWM Peripherals      2 CCP
 Timers	                              2 x 8-bit, 1 x 16-bit
 ADC                                  5 ch, 10-bit
 Temperature Range (C)                -40 to 85
 Operating Voltage Range (V)          2 to 5.5
 Pin Count                            28

MMS? I suppose the "surrounding" hardware suits your goal...

Did you check with Microchip for a fitting compiler?


But I wouldn't necessaryly expect to find a C++-compiler.


No No you need to explain more about your problem a question is clever
typing short messages is not clever. Pic and C++ ain't talking the same
language unless U use a interpreter between.

Awie Spengler

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