Well i wrote out a example of the problem .
im not sure what the best way to deal with this type of situation is
or if the way i have it now is the best way.
basically the problem is as follows

Class A
is the base class or the class that each of the following classes will have
at least one instance of within it

Class B and C
class B and C always has derives from A or
will have at least one instance of class A within it .
class B,C these have common methods and variables
and the classes are always created thru class M

Class M
this class has a single private list of Objects ?? to hold class B or C.
as a object of class b or c is created , it is added to M's object list
and classes b c have similar variables or methods for M to identify them uniquely

i have the need for this type of functionality particuarly to add different classes
to some sort of generic list that can be indexed fast

though i dont like the idea really of adding a object of B and C
to a list of objects
though i need to do something like that
as i need a single container of objects of variable classes B and C

now my question is as follows what type of generic can i use that is like list
or should i simply try to cast each of these different class objects to the same class
and then try to add them to a list ect... like a list of objects

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Create an interface and implement it in classes B and C. This interface should contain all the common methods. In class M create a List<T> of this interface and add the created classes B and C to this list. Since they implement the same interface, you don't care which class you get from the List, the system will handle it for you.

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