Hello all!!! It's been a while but glad to have enough time to be back. My question is basically one of design. I'm working on a new project using pygame at the moment, mainly to brush up on and enhance some Object Oriented skills. The project itself is basically going to be somewhat of a foundation of a game engine I was thinking an event manager would be wise however pygame as most of you know already has an event manager of it's own. The problem I'm seein with using the builtin manager is that most of the code would have to be implimented inside the main game loop which could possibly get ugly and less manageable if I decided to build a decent size project. I guess the question is, is my thinking correct on this and should I impliment my own class as an event manager to hide some dirty details in the back ground or would it be just as well to use the builtin one and run the risk of a dirty spew of code in my main loop. I know it seems obvious but I would just like to get some good input from some of you guru's.

Thanks in advance and if any example code would help clarify this I can provide it, but I think the question itself should be pretty straight forward.

Yes I was thinking something similar to that just because even though I'm able to extract information about events from the builtin event manager it still seems easier to create my own class that will already be processing the events in one centralized location. I guess the added benefit of writing it as my own class that I'm thinking about is that I can keep very close track of the events and be handling them in the manner i see fit from within the class instead of manually from within the loop.