Hey, Im trying to figure out how to read a starting and ending point in a string. What Im trying to have accomplished is something like this (This code doesn't work)

string str = "";

//str = readfrom(textBox1.Text, "start Character", "End Character");
str = readfrom(textBox1.Text, "[", "]");

textbox2.text = str;

So if you entered this into textbox 1


then Textbox 2 would read


Or whatever you put in the []

This would help me out a lot, Thanks :D


While there is a way to do it, it looks messy, so best* thing is to create an extension method!

namespace extensions;

public static class MyStringExtensions {
    public static String ReadFrom(this string str, char start, char end) {
        string result = null;
        try {
            int s = str.IndexOf(start);
            int e = str.IndexOf(end, start);
            result = str.Substring(start, end-start+1);
        } catch (ArgumentOutOfRangeException e) {
            // one or both of the characters doesn't exist in the string
            // but we are going to ignore this and just return null

        return result;

Once this is in it's own file in your project, you'll be able to do this:

string whatever = firstString.ReadFrom('[', ']');

* 'best' is a relative term. This is a way to do it without regex, which would just complicate everyones life.

Check This code

int index = textBox3.Text.IndexOf('[');
                int length1 = (textBox3.Text.IndexOf(']')-index)+1;


Check This code

Your code won't compile :)

It will Momerath i just checked it before pasting :) the typing mistake is removed now :D

Solved Thanks to abelLazm. :D

You helped so much!


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